Vacation Countdown~ 138 days left


Photo taken by: Funlovintravelers

With our countdown just beginning we were really excited to learn that Universal Studios made an announcement today. They will be continuing on with the Walking Dead theme for their Halloween Horror Nights this year. We found this somewhat exciting and disappointing all at that same time. On our last visit in 2012 one of the themes incorporated into Halloween Horror Nights was the Walking Dead, which also continued on in 2013 and once again will be revisited in 2014. Either Universal will do a fabulous job because they have been able to continue on with this same theme each year or they could get too complacent with the same theming and royally blow it. Regardless of how it turns out we can admit we’re hooked!

Other exciting news that we heard was that the fencing surrounding the new Diagon Alley area has been removed. It still isn’t actually open to the public as of yet but if you are in the park the London buildings are completely visible. This only leads us to believe that it will be opening shortly. We are sure all Harry Potter fans are psyched!

As we continue with our vacation countdown we will also share with you all the things we intend to do while there and hopefully we get to share all the things we did when we get back!


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